Intellectual property for MNC helps in developing and maintaining company’s long term revenue streams and increase shareholder’s value. IP also helps companies to protect technology innovations and gain competitive advantage.

Intellectual property, when efficiently used, is an important tool in creating an image for company business in the minds of current and potential customers and also in positioning business in the market worldwide. IP rights, combined with other marketing tools (such as advertisements and other sales promotion activities) are crucial for:

• Differentiating products and services and making them easily recognizable
• Promoting products or services and creating a loyal clientele
• Diversifying market strategy to various target groups
• Marketing products or services in foreign countries

MNCs operate in more than one market selling their products or services or licensing/franchising their intellectual property (IP) rights and know-how beyond their national borders. IP rights, however, are territorial, implying that they are usually only protected in the home country or region where protection has been applied for and obtained. Protecting IP in foreign markets is therefore crucial so as to enjoy the same benefits of protection abroad as are enjoyed on the domestic market.

You should carefully consider applying for IP protection well in time in all countries to which you are likely to export or license your product or service in the foreseeable future

We work and assist the companies in protecting their valuable intellectual property. After filing for protection in in the home country, company often realize that, as they grow internationally, we provide strategic advice on the international market cap and map out about getting filings into those jurisdictions as early as possible.