“Comprehensive Knowledge of IP Laws and Practices in India”


• Prior art searches
• Patentability studies
• Drafting of patent applications
• Filing, Examination & Hearing
• Opposition proceeding
• Audits (Due Diligence)
• Appeals and Litigation’s
• Freedom-to-operate studies
• Patent related agreements
• Infringement analysis


• Trademark Search
• Filing of Trademark Application
• Prosecution
• Opposition procedures
• Pre-litigation and litigation
• Renewals
• Restoration of Trademark
• Trademark Rectification
• Infringement


• Copyright Filing
• Prosecution
• Registration of Copyrights
• Opinions and Reports
• Copyright Clearance
• Drafting of Contracts & Negotiation
• Licensing/Transfers
• Enforcement of Copyright
• Risk Assessment
• Infringement


• Design searches
• Technical preparation for filing
• Examination procedures & Hearing
• Monitoring of renewal procedures
• Cancellation of Registration of Design
• Licensing
• Infringement

IC Layout Design

• Filing of application –Layout Design
• Prosecution
• Registration of IC Layout Design
• Opposition
• Filing of Counter-Statement
• Attending Hearing
• Appeal Proceeding

Geographical Indication

• Filing of application
• Examination
• Attending Hearing
• Opposition proceedings
• Registration of GI
• Renewals
• Appeal proceedings

IP advisory & due diligence

We provide services by conducting due diligence Investigation during a company merger, acquisition, takeover or sale; or when negotiating a license or franchise agreement; or when buying or selling a patent, trademark or copyright or other types of IP. The services includes conducting prior art searches & FTO opinions, TM opinions, Landscape analysis, Invalidity opinions etc.

Technology & Licensing

We provide legal services for IP, technology and general commercial transactions, including contracts structuring, drafting, negotiations, and regulatory advice. The services includes IP licenses & assignments, IP restructuring, franchises, technology transfer, software licenses & maintenance, application & cloud services, IT outsourcing, system integration & implementation, Life sciences, biotechnology, medical technology, R&D, research collaboration, Media and entertainment, copyright issues.

Confidentiality Agreements

Confidentiality Agreements are also referred to as Non-Disclosure Agreements or NDAs. The purpose of the agreement is to allow the holder of confidential information (such as a product or business idea) to share it with a third party. But then the third party is obligated to keep the information confidential and not use it whatsoever, unless allowed by the owner of the information. There are usually standard exceptions to the confidentiality obligations (such as if the information is already in the public domain).

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